We all love a good story. Films provide a wonderful visual representation of stories. A great film is based on a great story, thus it is in the story, where the genesis of great films begins.

Sensory Films is a boutique film house that focuses on the story part of the film process. We do so by providing film scripts, based on great stories, into the production process. We do this in two ways. First, scripts can be optioned directly from us and second, we can co-produce based on funding.

Our scripts are all based on thrilling stories which have proved themselves as a novel. We selectively choose stories that fit both our target Genre - Quick-paced action thrillers - and the guts of a great story.

In all cases, we don't just sell scripts, we partner with our production customers to ensure the story is successfully translated from paper to screen. We are equally focused on the end result, a great screen story.

We are a trusted source for producers and production houses who are looking for that next great, entertaining film.